Hi I’m Amrita and a UX/UI Designer at Serai by HSBC, where we are working to simplify global trade in the apparel sector. I am also a Master’s graduate with a degree in Human-Computer Interaction Student from Carnegie Mellon University.

I’ve had a strong connection to print making growing up. Etching requires the continuous working and reworking of engraved designs to create the final print. It requires a sharp eye for fine detail, but most of all it demands experimenting beforehand. Creating a beautiful etching requires extensive prototyping in the form of sketches, scanning it into a computer, and reversing the dark and light contrast to create a blueprint for the final piece. Etching taught me a deep respect for the prototyping process, and the necessity of testing a design, as many times as needed, to achieve the right effect.

I currently enjoy applying design thinking to help develop new services and interactive prototypes that serve a purpose.

Having been born and raised in Hong Kong, this has inspired most of my print making. I then lived in New York while pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Economics at NYU.

In my free time, I enjoy Vinyasa yoga and pilates with the goal of achieving the perfect ‘bird of paradise’ pose. I love reading and am currently reading ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind' by Deepak Chopra.



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